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Keeping your roof clean is a critical part of maintaining your home. A little maintenance can go a long way towards avoiding expensive repairs and will extend the lifetime of your roofing.

Because of the inherent dangers of Roof Cleaning Services, we suggest they should take on a contractor; here are some factors to consider.

Gold Coast Roof Cleaning DangersDoing it yourself may seem a good financial investment, but here are some things that you need to consider. First buying a pressure cleaner does not buy the experience that goes with knowing how to use one. The last thing you want is to try to do it yourself to save money and create expensive problems by doing the job with the wrong pressure. Secondly working on the roof involves a serious safety aspect and a professional will have the appropriate safety equipment, which you probably do not have. In addition, our Roof Cleaning Business carries the appropriate roof cleaning insurance.  Third, you need to make sure you have the right chemicals, again something any professional would know.

Algae on your roof is not just dangerous to your footing while on the roof – it actually lives off your roof! Roof algae feeds on a limestone filler commonly used in shingles; if not taken care of properly, it will seriously shorten the life of your roof.

While doing it yourself may seem a good idea, you should get at least three quotes from pressure cleaning services. What you will probably find is that it is nowhere near as expensive as you might have thought.

In its early stages algae is actually invisible; even if your roof seems to be okay cleaning it now is probably a good idea. We recommend that you allow for roof inspections every three years.

Roof Cleaning ServicesThe next consideration is the type of roof you have. High-pressure washing will remove mould and grime but is not necessarily the best solution for all roof cleaning. A process called soft washing in which chemicals, rather than pressure, do most of the removal work may be more appropriate.  Also, we carry different kinds of roof cleaning brush for different kinds of roofing. Make sure the correct roof cleaning methods are used on your roof. Again, as a professional pressure washing company we know exactly how to handle all the different types of roofing.

Contact us now for a free quote and you may be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it is to have your roof cleaned by professional roof cleaning services. Not all Gold Coast Roof Cleaning Contractors are as professional as we are – Go With A Pro!

Our Roof Cleaning Services are available for all suburbs in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, and offer a great deal on your Roof Cleaning Cost.