Labrador Power Washing

Before you can successfully paint a house or business, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned to provide the best possible results. There are two ways of doing this – the amateur way and the professional way.

Labrador Pressure WashingThere is also the Safe Way and the Dangerous Way! Just in case there is any doubt, using us is the safe way. Pressure Washing – as it’s name suggests – involves very high pressure streams that can damage you, your property and even your neighbour’s property.

In addition, the appropriate pressures for concrete, steel, soft woods etc only comes from training, and how to apply the pressure properly only comes from experience. If you use too high a pressure on your roof tiles, you may not know about it until you start smelling the mould in the attic that water under the tiles or dislodged mortar causes. Damaged seals, windows screens, chipped paintwork etc are sure signs that an untrained, inexperienced powerwashing operative has been learing the hard way – and learning the hard way can be expensive.

Pressure washing decks and fences at low pressure, asphalt driveways at medium pressure and concrete driveways at high pressure is something we are not only trained for – we also have years of experience in using the right pressure for the right material – and we are licenced and insured.

However, used properly can restore your house or business to near-new condition. It can clean your house of atmospheric hazards like bird droppings, general grime, mould, grafitti, unsightly stains etc, improving curb appeal. And of course, this provides a safer environment for your family or employees. Done on a regular basis, our Services reduce house or business maintenance costs too.

If you are considering selling your house or unit, our Labrador Power Cleaning Services can actually be an investment; whatever you spend with us will be paid several times over with the increased price you can ask.

The health benefits of Pressure Cleaning – for you and your pets – should not be overlooked. One of the worst things you can do is to live with mould, bacteria algae, mildew and other toxins. They damage your health silently, slowly and can cause serious issues before you even know there is a problem.

And if you are in a food related business – cafe, restaurant, food preparation etc – mould and bacteria can damage both you and your business.

When it comes to looking after your house or business, you need both the best and the most affordable – Contact the company you can trust with your Labrador Power Washing needs.