Casuarina Pressure Washing For Roofs and Driveways


The two most visible parts of your home or business are the roof and the driveway. Pressure cleaning improves the look of both out of sight, in next to no time and at a very affordable price – IF you know the Casuarina Pressure Washing Specialists you simply must use.

However, pressure cleaners can be dangerous – which is why you should use the experts. In the USA in 2014 over 6,000 people ended up in emergency due to injuries caused by pressure washer use (Source:Consumer Product Safety Commission). And 14 per cent of those ER visits resulted in additional hospitalization.

Our uses the latest equipment and chemicals and all of our operators are highly trained experts with years of experience.  We are trained not only to protect ourselves but  your property.

So do not make the mistake of renting a Pressure Washer and trying to handle this hazardous tool yourself.  Besides the damage it can cause to buildings, accidents can  take place, plus you can potentially damage a neighbour’s house or car.

How dangerous can it get?  Very!

And Expensive – watch the video below and see how just ONE Pressure washing job caused $400,000 worth of damage in NSW!

Are there some jobs we will not do?  You bet.  We will assess your roof for you and if asbestos is involved we will recommend you watch the video again to see how you can avoid being responsible for a $400,000 clean up bill!

Casuarina Pressure Cleaning for Your House

You want to have your home looking outstanding, both outside and in. Our can rapidly enhance the look of your home.  With regular, routine pressure cleaning, you can remove damaging toxic materials and build-up from your property.

Increase the Curb Appeal and  Resale Value of Your Home

If you are looking to put your house on the market, the curb appeal must be unbelievable. Our Casuarina Pressure Cleaning Solutions will quickly transform the way your residence looks.

Protect Your Family

It is essential that your family feels safe within its at home environment, so removing toxins and other impurities from the atmosphere will produce a healthier environment.

Prolonging the Life of Your Home’s Paint Job

Casuarina Pressure Cleaning Services can prolong the lifespan of the paint on your residence’s exterior when you have your residence routinely power cleaned. Also, by pressure washing prior to repainting a house, you are repainting on a clean surface and can boost the vibrancy and brilliance of the paint.

Decrease House Maintenance Expenses

Casuarina Driveway Pressure Washing ServicesPressure cleaning can assist in minimizing maintenance expenses, by

Decreasing the build-up of mould and mildew

Getting rid of droppings and other toxins that gather on your house

Prevent corrosion

Protecting against wood rot and other decay on your home.

Routine maintenance on your property or business can prevent significant expenses in the future.

Roof Damage.

We have already looked at the dangers of pressure cleaning materials containing asbestos but the pressure streams these devices deliver are sufficient to damage ANY roofing material,  particularly if the roof is presently in poor condition. In addition to harming the roof itself, you can harm the gutters as well, resulting in even more expense.

Casuarina Pressure Cleaning for Businesses

Pressure Washing creates a much healthier and happier workplace. If the building is clean and tidy your workforce will not fret about microorganisms, dirt, bacteria, and grime in and around the business premises; in addition, the workplace is more efficient when your workers feel safe.

How Do You Present Your Company to Potential Clients?

The view from outside your organisation gives potential clients their first perception of your company.  If it is dirty on the outside, will  they even walk inside? If you cannot maintain the appearance of your residential or commercial property, exactly how well are you going to manage their requirements as a consumer?

Why Use the Casuarina Pressure Cleaning Experts?

In a nutshell, results, safety and affordability. It is in your best interests to utilize a specialist group with years of experience. We are a Registered company – ABN 98 682 551 398.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our Casuarina Pressure Cleaning Solutions. We use industrial-grade pressure washing devices, and  non-toxic/chemical-free cleansers, to get great results first time.

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