Body Corporate Pressure Washing Services on the Gold Coast

What To Look For When Selecting Body Corporate Pressure Cleaning Services

Pressure washing is the fastest way to add sparkle to your premises. It’s even easier and more effective when done by a professional cleaning company. However, when you need pressure washing services on the Gold Coast, calling the first company you come across in the yellow pages may not be a wise thing to do.

You need to bear in mind that your choice of a company will determine the quality of service you get. Truth is, there are many companies near you that can do the work but not all can deliver satisfaction. How do you pick the right one?

Here are 7 things to look For when selecting body corporate pressure cleaning services:

1. Reputation

To avoid the cowboys who just bought a high pressure cleaner last week, you need to choose a reputable company. You can know this by checking their online reviews from other customers. You are not the first Body Corporate to seek Gold Coast pressure cleaning services, and you will not be the last. Some of your relatives and friends, at the very least, will have hired these pressure cleaning services. By asking around, you will get a few details which will enable you to make a decision. Be sure to ask about the company’s ability to meet deadlines.

2. Price Estimates

It’s taken for granted that clients are looking for high-quality service, but the price has to be considered in everything. Most companies will offer free inspection services and price estimates – we certainly do. However, it’s important to note that the company with the lowest quote is not always the best one; It could mean a lower quality service that may result in poor results.

We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive – but we do think we are the best value for money for pressure cleaning jobs on the Gold Coast.

Keep in mind that some other companies will cut their cost to try and attract more customers – but offer poor service. Study the market and come up with the average prices. You should not pay more than the average price. With us, you won’t have to, and you’ll get great service

3. Experience

The company you choose should have workers with the skills, experience, and motivation to deliver quality results. The more skilled and motivated the workers are, the more efficiently they will work and offer better results. Avoid basing the experience of a company’s workers with the number of years that the company has been in service because workers keep changing with time.

Look for a company with workers having at least 4 years working experience. As you can see from our ABN, we have been around since 2002 – Go with experience!


4. Technologically Up-to-date

Every industry is experiencing technological advancement which has been great for mankind – Pressure Cleaning is no exception. Today, pressure washing services have changed from what they used to be a few years ago. The advances have made power washing safer and more effective, at a cheaper cost. You need to choose a company that’s up to date with the right equipment and cleaning chemicals – That’s US!  Using our services, the cleaning will be faster, better and at a great price.

Roof pressure cleaning on the Gold Coast is a speciality, no problem with heights.

5. Insurance and Guarantee

When pressure cleaning begins at your premises, property damage or injuries can occur. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the provider has insurance to avoid any problems. This way, you can rest assured that in the case of any damage or injury, we will take full responsibility to rectify the problem. Ensure that you ask the company to present insurance documents as a guarantee.

Our Public Liability insurance is $20 Million!

6. Flexibility and reliability

The cleaning services offered by the company should be reliable. What’s more, your chosen company needs to be flexible enough to adapt to your everyday life schedule. For instance, if you come to an agreement that the cleaning service is to be done at a specific time, any company should keep their word and provide the service promptly. We do!

Basically, you need to tell us about the whole project and how you need it done.

We provide 24-7 Gold Coast pressure cleaning services!

Gold Coast pressure cleaning services

7. Safety Precautions

How does your chosen company handle it’s cleaning processes? You should ask for a document showing how they approach safety at work. All Body Corporate Pressure Cleaning involves operating appliances which can be dangerous. Our company is well informed on how to operate our high pressure cleaners and understand safety precautions that avoid accidents.

That’s us! Let us become your Gold Coast pressure cleaners of choice.


The above 7 factors need to be observed when hiring Gold Coast pressure cleaning services if you want a quality job done.  Pressure Cleaning Brisbane also falls in our area – call us for a Free Quote.

Hire us and you get a Gold Coast pressure cleaning services that get the job done effectively, efficiently and safely.  Ring Mitch now on 0458 959 594 and get the most cost-effective pressure washing services on the Gold Coast.