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You only get one chance to make a good impression.  Whether it is your home, your business, a school, industrial premises, a body corporate estate etc – Gold Coast professional Pressure Cleaning can make a dramatic impact on that first impression.

They say cleanliness is next to godliness and that’s even more vital where property is concerned.  Let’s look first at Residential Real Estate.

Keeping your house clean adds significant value that cannot be attained by any other means. Gold Coast Professional Pressure Cleaning Services are an INVESTMENT, not a cost.

This is the reason you need to hire a professional pressure cleaning company like ours to boost the value of your home. Pressure washing removes grime, loose paint, dust and other debris from the building and its surroundings, leaving it looking like a million dollars.

Gold Coast Residential Pressure Cleaning

Here are 7 great ways a Gold Coast professional residential pressure cleaning company can boost the value of your major asset – your home :

1. Cleaning the roof

Gold Coast Residential Pressure Cleaning for Roofs on Gold CoastThe roof of the building can give an impression of the house from afar. Keeping it clean can increase the aesthetic value of your house. Pressure cleaning it on your own can cause damage, but our professional company knows how to clean it without causing damage.

A professional pressure cleaning company uses the right cleaning reagents and degree of pressure to clean whatever is up there. It is not uncommon for roofs to have mould and mildew on them – so your safety is also an issue. Experts like us know how to clean every kind of roof to make it look as good as new.

2. Cleaning paths and driveways

Driveways and paths take a lot of abuse from cars, weather, and people, and may require pressure washing at regular intervals. This is done for both safety and for appearance. After some time, paths and driveways may be unsightly from foot traffic, organic material, trees, and cars. Here again, you may need Gold Coast professional pressure cleaning services to clean it correctly to maintain a pristine look. No matter how old or badly stained the driveway looks, professional pressure cleaning companies like ours have the experience, and the right chemicals, to restore the look without causing damage. We will be able to detect any loose areas and cracks and determine the right pressure to use on them. Your house begins to look decent again with clean driveways and paths.

3. Cleaning windows

The first thing a professional pressure washing company will do before pressure washing the windows is to assess their condition. We determine the right pressure to use, depending on the state of the surface they need to clean. This ensures that the job is done efficiently to force the dirt and grime loose, without causing damage. This leaves a perfect finish to your windows which enhances the appeal of your home – and adds value to it.

4. Cleaning the fence

By power washing your fence, you can make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal. You’ve seen faded wooden fences that makes the rest of the property look faded and old. By hiring a Gold Coast professional pressure cleaning company, you can rejuvenate the fence, making your home appealing again, which can only increase the value of the home.

In addition to the fencing, sprucing up the deck can make a huge difference – talk to Mitch on 0458 959 594 for great free advice.

5. Cleaning the exterior walls

Exterior house washing not only keeps everything in the right condition but also extends the life of your home. The walls are prone to getting dirt from insects and birds’ droppings and even mildew. Hiring professional pressure cleaning services to do the job properly protects your investment by adding to the house’s value. A professional understands the right process to use to prevent dented or peeled walls which can harm your home’s value. They also know how to prevent water penetration at the joints, electrical fixtures, and seams around doors and windows.

Cleaning the foundations of the house is important. Where the walls meet the ground is a collecting point for debris. Whenever you mow the lawn next to the house for example, grass and dirt are kicked up into the air, and collect at the base of the walls. Unfortunately, this is one part that people often fail to clean properly. However, pressure washing the foundation needs care because it’s where different building materials come together. Therefore, if too much pressure is applied, it can cause harm. Gold Coast Professional Pressure Cleaning like ours will add a fine finish to the premises.

Gold Coast professional pressure cleaning company - Deck


6. Cleaning outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is often neglected – yet looks great when power cleaned. Cleaning it gives you instant gratification because it significantly improves the appearance and becomes so pleasing to the eye. The best way to wash furniture is by hiring a Gold Coast pressure cleaning expert who can make your outdoor appear very attractive by blasting away dirt and grime, without causing damage. This not only make your premises look appealing to prospective buyers but also extends the lifespan of the furniture.

7.  Last – but certainly not least – are the safety aspects.  Pressure cleaners are dangerous! This is especially true if you are up a ladder, or worse, on the roof.  Do not take the chance of weeks off work (or worse!).  In addition to harming yourself, causing damage by using a pressure cleaner incorrectly can damage your property. Use our Gold Coast professional pressure cleaning  services for better results, risk free.

The Bottom Line

If you want to make your house a standout to your friends – and especially potential  buyers if you are selling – you have to make it as presentable as possible. Look for a reputable, professional pressure cleaning company to do the job.

If you are thinking of selling, professional pressure cleaning services can add thousands to the asking price; call us now for free advice and a free quote.

Also, we can offer you a great deal for ongoing Gold Coast professional Pressure Cleaning; ask us for details on our ongoing maintenance program.  Our pressure washing prices & rates are affordable and we are easy to work with.

A final factor to consider is that we are a fully Registered Australian company (ABN 98 68 255 1398) and carry Public Liability Insurance up to $20 Million – Go with a Pro, not a cowboy!